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123 HP OJ Pro 8730

123 HP OJ Pro  8730 Printer is the best printer in the 123 HP Printer market. It can also Print and also perform additional features along with printing. Start printing and perform various actions with the 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer, install the Printer Setup and start Printing and sharing with your 123 HP Printer. Make use of the Printer Setup guide to Printing with your Printer and also perform additional and trending features with your 123 HP OJ Pro Printer 8730 and make innovation and create trending pictures with your 123 HP OJ Pro  printer. 123 HP OJ Pro Printer creates innovation and knowledge out of printing you can also share the documents in your best way. For details about 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer visit 123.hp.com/ojpro8730.

123 HP OJPro 8730 Printer Setup:

The best and the most trending printer in the 123 HP Market. You can now print and share any of your documents at the same time. It is so easy to print documents on the go on installing your 123 HP OJ Pro Printer Setup to your computer or any of your personal devices. to install the Printer setup to your personal devices look out for the Printer setup from your 123 HP Printer box that. Take the Printer setup disc from the Printer box, insert the Printer Disc in your personal computer driver and run the driver disc. Now run the Printer Driver setup in your personal device. This makes you to print documents more easier than before. On Printing these documents you can also edit them easily as the Printer Setup software provides more of the added features to edit the documents.

  • Insert the 123 HP Printer Driver Disc to your computer device.
  • Run the 123 HP Driver Setup to your computer system.
  • Install the Driver setup or the Setup file to your computer Setup.
  • Get started with the 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer Setup.
  • You can now download the Printer Setup from 123.hp.com/setup 8730.


123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Wireless Setup:

The Added feature that is available with the 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer model is the wireless setup. This feature of the Printer Setup helps you print documents from anywhere and at any time. you may also share the document from anywhere. To connect the wireless setup Printer to your wireless network you should have a 802.11 b/g/n router and your Printer along with the computer setup. After you get all the necessary requirements for the Printer wireless setup you can now install your Printer to the wireless network. first you will have to connect your Printer setup to the wireless router. after connecting the printer to the wireless router, now connect your computer setup to the wireless router.

Steps to install to Wireless Setup:

  • Install the Wireless Setup to your computer setup.
  • To install the 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Wireless Printer Setup, insert the Software disc to your PC.
  • Run the 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer Setup file on your computer Setup.
  • Install the 123 HP Wireless Printer Setup to your PC.
  • After installing the 123 HP Wireless Setup to your computer Setup,
  • Make sure your Printer Setup is not connected to your printer via USB connection.
  • Now connect the Printer Setup to the Wireless network.

123 HP OJPro 8730 Ink Cartridge Installation:

One of the important aspect of the Printer and the most essential requirement of the Printer is the ink cartridges. The ink cartridge helps to print your documents with high efficiency and also allows you to make your document look more attractive. The color of the document is the important aspect and the ink cartridges of the printer are the provider of this aspect. You must know how to install you rink cartridge to your 123 HP OJ Pro Printer. Know more on installing your 123 HP ink cartridge on 123.hp.com/support.

  • To install the ink cartridge to your Printer setup all you need to do is, Open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Wait until the carriage of the cartridge is aligned correctly to the center.
  • Once the carriage is aligned to the center of the printer, Remove the existing cartridge from the carriage of your 123 HP Printer.
  • Now, remove the new 123 HP ink cartridge from the packing.
  • Place the cartridge on the carriage and push the cartridge until it snaps the end.



Installing your 123 HP OJ Pro Ink Cartridge:

Installation of 123 HP ink cartridge is as follows, remove the ink cartridge from the packing. Make sure you hold the sides of the ink cartridge. remove the plastic strip from the ink cartridge print slot. Open the ink cartridge access door. Wait until the ink cartridge carriage settles to the center of the printer. Once the carriage settles, now place the cartridge in the carriage, push the cartridge until it snaps the ends of the cartridge. After completing the installation process close the cartridge access door and wait until the cartridge gets aligned. Now, Print a test page for better results.

123 HP OJ Pro Driver Install:

The Driver for 123 HP OJ Pro Printer connects your printer to your computer. You can perform actions like Print, Copy, Scan and Fax option. These options on your 123 HP Printer Driver help to present your document more effectively. And also to use your printer driver software to access your 123 HP OJ Pro Printer you will have to install your 123 HP  OJ Pro Printer Driver software to your computer or your personal. Look out for the 123 HP OJ Pro Printer Driver Software from your 123 HP Printer box. Insert the Printer box to your personal computer. Then run the Setup file on your computer and install the 123 HP Printer Driver to your computer.

Steps to install 123 HP OJ Pro Printer Driver:

  • Installing the 123 HP Printer Driver setup to your computer,
  • Insert the 123 HP Driver setup Disc to your PC.
  • Run the 123 HP Setup file on your computer setup.
  • Get your Printer installed to your computer with the help of the setup file.
  • Make sure that your 123 HP Printer Setup is not connected to your computer through USB cable.
  • For more details on Printer Setup visit 123.hp.com/setup 8730.



After connecting your 123 HP OJ Pro Printer Setup to your computer and after installing the Printer Setup to your personal device, turn ON your Printer and make some initialization. This may help you to proceed further. To get started with your Printer setup, open the Printer Setup file on your personal device or on the personal computer to which you have installed your 123 HP Printer Setup and proceed further. You may now print, scan and copy your document and even share them. In Order to share your documents to your Printer from your computer setup just turn ON the ePrint option on your Printer and share the document to the Printer mail address that you wanted to print. As soon as your Printer receives your document through mail the Printer prints the document.

123 HP OJ Pro Scan to computer:

123 HP Printer Users try to find the simplest way to work with their computers. One of the important aspect or the feature that is involved with the 123 HP OJ Pro Printer is the scanning option. To access the scan option through your printer software all you need to do is install the printer Setup. You can now easily understand the scan process by stepvise guidelines on 123.hp.com/support. From your Printer setup select the scan option and place the document that you wanted to scan on the scanner glass. After placing the Document on the right corner of the scanner glass, close the Printer scanner lid. Now press the scan button on the Printer screen. The Printer automatically scans the entire document.

You can also do this directly from your Printer driver software. After Placing the document on the scanner glass. select the scan option on the 123 HP Printer Driver. Now once the scan is done the Printer automatically asks whether to save the document for another scan or to Print the document. Select the Save option, when the Printer prompts to select the desired location you can select the computer driver where you need to save the document. For more details on 123.hp.com/ojpro8730.

Steps to scan to computer:

  • To scan a document to your computer using the 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer Setup.
  • Insert the 123 HP OJ Pro Printer Driver Setup to your computer.
  • Using your 123 HP Printer setup on your computer system,
  • Select the scan option on your Printer Driver Setup.
  • After selecting the scan option, place the document that you wanted to scan.
  • Open the scanner lid of your Printer.
  • Place the document on the scanner glass.
  • Close the printer scanner lid.
  • Make sure that the document is placed in the right corner of the scanner glass.
  • Now on your 123 HP Driver setup, select the scan tab.

Scanner Settings:

You can also print the document directly after scanning the document. To print the document directly after scanning, the Printer Setup prompts you whether to print or save the document if you wanted to print the document, select the Print option entering the number of copies you wanted to print. You will also be required to choose whether the print should be black or color. Choose the mode of print and print the document once it is scanned to your computer. Scanning to computer is one of the simplest and the easiest thing, because once the Printer scans the document it gets automatically saved in a desired location of the computer, in case if your scanning directly from the Printer it becomes hard to save the document.

Copying a Document:

From the 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer’s control panel, use the Copy menu. The 123 HP OJ Pro  Printer Provides an option to select the number of copies, color  or black-and-white. To copy a document to your desired location all you need to do is place the Print copy on the printer scanner glass and close the lid after closing the lid select the copy button on the 123 HP OJ Pro Printer control panel. On copy setup for more details visit 123.hp.com/ojpro8730.

How to Copy?

  1. Make sure that you load the Papers in the main tray.
  2. place the original print side facing downward
  3. From the 123 HP OfficeJet Pro Printer’s control panel, tap Copy.
  4. Scroll to mention the number of copies
  5. Tap Black or Color
  6. Start Copy

Scanning a Document:

Scans photos & documents and send them to various network. Now scanning a document is ever simple than before because 123 HP Printers are now available with advanced print scan and copy options. On installing the Printer Driver to your personal or computer setup you can now easily scan documents using your Printer Setup. The 123 HP Printer Setup also has some added advantages through which a user can access the Printer

  • Scan
  • Web scan
  • Scan as editable text

The Output of the scan can be stored either in the computer or to memory device.

To know more on copy and scan documents visit 123.hp.com/ojpro8730.

Scanning to a memory device:

Scanning can also be done to a USB drive from the printer control panel  without using a computer or the 123 HP printer software.

Other than scanning the documents to your memory device you can now scan your documents to your computer system directly. On scanning your document to your computer setup it becomes easy to save the documents. If your 123 HP Printer Driver is installed to your computer, then it becomes more simple to scan edit and save the document directly to your computer. You can even share the document on the go. For more details about the 123 HP OJ Pro Print copy and scan option visit 123.hp.com/setup 8730.

123 HP Officejet Pro 8730 – Fax Setup:

123 HP Officejet Pro Printers are capable of Printing at high efficiency. To Print documents using the Printer Setup to be installed on your computer or any of your personal devices. Provided the Printer setup allows you to print and edit documents with added features. Now share the documents from your Printer at high speed also with the wireless setup. To install your Printer to the wireless setup, install the driver setup in your personal computer and get started.


If your printer is connected wirelessly or through USB/Ethernet cable, users can make use of  123 HP Digital Fax to receive faxes and save it to your email box or the network folder that you have specified. In addition, you can also save digital copies of your fax copies.on queries regarding 123 HP Fax setup visit 123.hp.com/ojpro8730.

How to modify settings from the printer’s control panel?

  • Touch and slide your fingers across the printer’s control panel and then choose Setup.
  • Tap on Fax Setup.
  • Select Basic Fax Setup and then touch HP Digital Fax.
  • You are asked to choose between two options.
    1. Fax Print: By choosing this option, you are opting to print faxes as and when you receive it.
    2. Disable HP Digital Fax: This will switch of HP Digital fax.

The Basic Settings provide the initialization to send or receive Fax, in order to provide the user a detail on how to work with Fax setting you can visit 123.hp.com/setup and know more about the 123 HP Printer Fax Settings. On Setting up with 123 HP Printer Fax setting you can also perform more actions on sharing your documents through Printer.

123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer Troubleshoot

The common problems that every printer or printing setup comes across are given below. The Printer setup can be troubleshooted by the following techniques. The following are some of the issues that the 123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer Setup undergoes and we have provided the techniques to resolve these issues. You can easily resolve the issues. The Following are the basic categories on which the Printer often needs troubleshoot.

123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer – Clear the jam from rear printer:

  • Turn the power OFF of the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Remove the duplexer by pushing the button on the either side of the two-sided printer.
  • Gently remove the jammed paper or the bits of paper from the rollers in the printer.

123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer – Resolving scanner issues :

  • Make sure you do the following,
  • Place the document in the right corner of the scanner glass.
  • Close the scanner lid properly before you start to scan.
  • Make sure you do not scan the smae side of the document.
  • Save the document once you scan it.
  • Also, scan the document again if the printer had stopped scanning in the middle.

There are few more Printer issues on which the 123 HP OJ Pro Printer needs troubleshoot but these are the basic and common and also the often problems that arise with the Printer. we have also provided steps to resolve the Printer issues in case if you need a detailed description on your Printer issues and the steps to resolve them and move forward with Printing your documents you can visit 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 where you will be guided with the Printer issues. For any other troubleshoot issues visit 123.hp.com/support.

123 HP OJ Pro 8730 – ePrint Service:

123 HP OJ Pro 8730 Printer Setup is one of the best Printer that offers service to its users, that they afford buying and showing interest towards this printer. The 123 HP OJ Pro Printer has an added advantage along with the other features. This feature is offered that the users should find ease in using this Printer. The ePrint Service which is available in this printer helps the user to print documents from anywhere and at any time no matter their device is connected or not. The ePrint service is the possibility to share the document through the network to your printer using an email address and get the document Printed. For more details on ePrint service 123.hp.com/setup 8730.

Below are the basic steps on how to make use of the Printing apps and you can now easily use the ePrint service. To initiate the ePrint service on your 123 HP OJ Pro Printer just select the ePrint option on the Printer. Make sure that the led for the ePrint option glows on your Printer.

How to use print apps?

  • With the Print Apps option you can now print and edit your documents.
  • In order to use this app you need to select the Print apps option .
  • Choose print apps to use it on your 123 HP Officejet Pro 8730 printer.
  • From the list of apps available, select the one you want to use.
  • Finally, on selecting from the list of apps available you can now print your documents.

How to manage print apps?

  • Print apps can be managed using 123 HP Connected.
  • Users can add, configure or remove any print apps.
  • You can also set the order in which they appear on your printer display screen.
  • You can also set any kind of modulations to your Printing apps.
  • And hence this may also add more effect to your Printing.

The above given steps are given in order to know more about the Printer and the printing apps as well. The Printing apps is the important tool that helps the user to print and share documents very easily. One can just select the document from the personal device and share the document from the device to the 123 HP OJ Pro Printer through an email address . In case if the ePrint option on the Printer is turned off, you cannot access the eprint option and hence it is good to make sure that the printer’s ePrint service is enabled.

To find the mail address of your Printer, All you need to do is enter the Utility menu on your 123 HP OJ Pro Printer model and find the Printer address. After you find the address on the utility menu save the Printer address or note down the address. Once your done return back to the Printer main control screen.


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