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123 HP OJ Pro 6978 Printer Troubleshoot

The common problems that every printer or printing setup comes across are given below. The Printer setup can be troubleshooted by the following techniques. The following are some of the issues that the 123 HP OJ Pro 6978 Printer Setup undergoes and we have provided the techniques to resolve these issues.

123 HP OJ Pro 6978 Printer – Clear the jam from rear printer:

  • Turn the power OFF of the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Remove the duplexer by pushing the button on the either side of the two-sided printer.
  • Gently remove the jammed paper or the bits of paper from the rollers in the printer.

123 HP OJ Pro 6978 Printer – Check the Duplexer:

  • If you dont find any jammed paper in the rear access area push the button on the latch on the rear of the duplexer.
  • Remove any jammed paper from the duplexer.
  • Close the duplexer door.
  • Gently push the duplexer into the printer.
  • Connect the power cord back into the wall outlet
  • Press the power button to turn the printer ON.

123 HP OJ Pro 6978 Printer – Clear paper tray:

  • Remove all the paper from the output tray.
  • Raise the output tray.
  • Turn OFF the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  • Find the jammed printer in the paper tray.
  • Lower the output tray. 

123 HP OJ Pro 6978 Printer – scanner issues:

  • The common issue that occurs with the scanner setup,
  • Either the document gets misplaced on the scanner glass.
  • The lid of the scanner top might not be closed properly.
  • The same side of the scanned document may be scanned for the same time.
  • The scanned document may not be saved.
  • Or the scanning process may be stopped in the middle.

 123 HP OJ Pro 6978 Printer – Resolving scanner issues :

  • Make sure you do the following,
  • Place the document in the right corner of the scanner glass.
  • Close the scanner lid properly before you start to scan.
  • Make sure you do not scan the same side of the document.
  • Save the document once you scan it.
  • Scan the document again if the printer had stopped scanning in the middle.


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