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123 HP Envy 5544
123 HP Officejet 3830
123 HP Officejet Pro 8715
123 HP Deskjet 4729

123 HP Envy printers are home friendly and can be bought if you do not have hundreds of pages to print at once. Even a tech no one will be able to find it easy to use 123 HP ENVY printer models.

If you have bulk pages to print at a faster rate, then go for HP Officejet Pro models. The ink cartridges are easy to refill and are easy to use. You can download the software at

If you are looking for 123 HP Officejet printer, but with advanced features, then buy 123 HP Officejet Pro printer without any doubts. Click Here to look at the 123 HP Officejet Pro models.

Are you running a small-scale business and looking for a printer that you can use? Then, 123 HP Deskjet is the printer that you need to buy. When compared to other 123 HP printers Deskjet is cost-friendly. – 123 HP Printer Setup

123 HP Printer Setup provides the ability to print documents on the go. To install 123 HP printer Setup to your computer and start Printing . All you need to do is look out for the Printer driver disc in the 123 HP Box.

Insert the 123 HP Printer Driver Disc in the computer driver and run the driver setup. Install the Printer Driver setup to your personal computer. In case if your 123 HP Printer driver is not installing  and pops up a message stating the outdation of printer setup.

Then all you need to do is visit and download  the  123 HP driver setup to your personal computer. On installing the driver setup to your computer you can get started with your printer setup. – 123 HP Wireless setup

123 HP Wireless Setup is the most advanced feature that is added to the Printer Setup.  123 HP Printer setup is now provides this setup to its users that the user could print is documents from any where and at the go. To get started with your 123 HP Wireless Printer Setup, make sure your provided with the 802.11 b/g/n network router and your 123 HP Printer setup is wireless enabled. After confirming with all these, also make sure that the printer setup is not connected to the computer using USB cable. You will have to install the 123 HP Printer wireless setup to your personal device or the computer setup. And make sure that the wireless setup is active. When your fixed with all these setup you can proceed with your 123 HP wireless Setup.

How to Setup your Printer driver?

To install your 123 HP Printer Driver setup to your computer system or to any of your printer Setup. All you need to do is insert the 123 HP Printer Driver Setup to your Personal device or the computer system.

  • Insert the 123 HP Printer Driver Disc to your computer device.
  • Run the 123 HP Driver Setup to your computer system.
  • Install the Driver setup or the Setup file to your computer Setup.
  • Start with the 123 HP Printer Setup.
  • In case of outdation of printer setup.
  • message pops up that the driver setup is outdated.
  • Then, download the 123 HP Prtiner Driver Setup from
  • After downloading the 123 HP Driver Setup to your computer system,
  • Run the .exe file or the Setup file to your computer device.
  • Install the 123 HP Printer Driver setup to your computer system.
  • Now get started with your printing from your PC.

When you are completely done with your 123 HP Printer Setup, you can use the 123 HP Printer software to edit and make changes to your documents on the 123 HP Printer driver setup. it becomes more easy to edit and share the documents from your PC or any of your Personal devices from any where and at any time on installing the Printer driver setup to your personal devices.


Installing 123 HP Wireless Setup:

Before getting started with your 123 HP Wireless Setup, make sure your provided with the 802.11b/g/n router, 123 HP Wireless Setup enabled printer and your computer setup.

  • Install the Wireless Setup to your computer setup.
  • To install the 123 HP Wireless Printer Setup, insert the Software disc to your PC.
  • Run the 123 HP Printer Setup file on your computer Setup.
  • Install the 123 HP Wireless Printer Setup to your PC.
  • After installing the 123 HP Wireless Setup to your computer Setup,
  • Make sure your Printer Setup is not connected to your printer via USB connection.
  • Now connect the Printer Setup to the Wireless network.
  • Also connect the computer Setup to the Same network in which you have connected the Printer Setup.
  • On connecting the Printer Setup to your wireless network setup make sure your Printer is switched OFF.
  • Once your 123 HP Wireless Printer Setup is done,
  • Make sure that you have installed the 123 HP Printer Setup is installed to your computer,
  • If your 123 HP Printer Setup is not installed to your computer,
  • Then look out for the 123 HP Driver Setup CD.
  • Insert the Driver Setup Disc to your computer Driver.
  • Run the 123 HP Printer setup on your computer device.
  • Install the HP Printer Setup to your PC.
  • In case the Printer shows any message that the Driver setup installed is outdated.
  • Try to download the 123 HP Printer Setup from any of the genuine sites.
  • You can also download the 123 HP Printer Setup from
  • Install the 123 HP Driver setup to your PC and get started.
  • You can now access your 123 HP Printer through your HP Printer Setup on the Wireless network.

123 HP Driver Installation

  • Un-box the printer from its packaging.
  • Connect one end of the wire to the printer and the other end to the wall socket.
  • Press the Power button on your printer.
  • On your HP Printer, go the control panel to see if your printer is ready to go.
  • Install the ink cartridges and get your printer all set.
  • Go to to download the appropriate driver and the software according to your printer model number.
  • Click on the downloaded file and click on Run in the newly opened dialog box.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the driver installation process.



Apple Device

Printing with AirPrint is fairly easy. Before using mobile printing, cross-check whether your Apple device and your printer are connected to the same wireless network.

  • Open the photo or the file that you want to print. Now, tap on the Share button.
  • From the list of options available, choose the print icon.
  • Now, your mobile device will list the printers available for printing.
  • Choose the printer according to your need and change the print setting.
  • Tap on Print and enjoy

Android device

To get your Android device print-ready, go to the play store and install the HP Print Service Plugin. Install the plugin to print your files. Navigate to print settings in your mobile to enable the plugin. Now, open the plugin and switch it on if it’s already off.

  • Open the file or photo, which you wish to print and select the menu icon on the right-hand corner of the device.
  • Choose Print from the list of options and then select the printer in which you want to print.
  • Change the print settings by clicking on the down-arrow that lies below the option Paper Size.
  • After finalizing the printer and its settings, tap on the print to get the print job done.

For Windows 8

  • Open the files you want to print and look at the options available on the right side of the mobile screen.
  • Click on Devices option to see the list of printers available for printing.
  • If the printer you need is not listed, then you need to perform a one-time Add a printer to install the in-built driver.
  • Confirm the printer you want to select and appropriate print settings. Now, select Print and enjoy printing.

For Windows 10

  • Select and open the file or photo you would like to print.
  • Now, click on the menu icon that is on the left hand corner of your Windows 10 mobile device.
  • From the options displayed on screen, tap on Print.
  • Choose your printer from the list of options available and then change the print settings according to your need.Now, click on Print to get the job done


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